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Rainforest Animal Cut-outs

Picture of Rainforest Animal Cut-outs
Children have a natural curiosity when it comes to animals and these cut-outs are a fun way to bring the rainforest into the classroom.

£5.95 incl VAT

Rainforest Animals Border

Picture of Rainforest Animals Border
A striking collection of animals brings rainforests to life.

£4.45 incl VAT

Rainforest Animals Display Set

Picture of Rainforest Animals Display Set
The rainforests are home to some of the world’s most amazing creatures. Excite young minds with our realistic depictions of animals.

£6.95 incl VAT

Tropical Foliage Backing Paper

Picture of Tropical Foliage Backing Paper
The perfect backdrop to any rainforest display. Each individually boxed roll measures 1.2m x 15m.

£25.45 incl VAT

Tropical Rainforest Environment Display Set

Picture of Tropical Rainforest Environment Display Set
An interactive way of learning about the different layers of the rainforest and the species that live there.

£6.95 incl VAT

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