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Butterflies and Moths Photo Border

Picture of Butterflies and Moths Photo Border
You can't help but notice this bright collection of winged creatures.

£4.45 incl VAT

Butterflies Learning Chart

Picture of Butterflies Learning Chart
Clearly outlines the lifecycle of a butterfly. Plus get to know some well know species.

£3.95 incl VAT

Insects Learning Chart

Picture of Insects Learning Chart
Fascinating charts featuring stunning photography and listing characteristics of each class of animal.

£3.95 incl VAT

Insects Learning Wall

Picture of Insects Learning Wall
An ideal class project, not easily missed! Measures over 1.8m.

£24.95 incl VAT

Ladybirds Border

Picture of Ladybirds Border
Challenge your children to count the spots, or use as a great addition to your minibeasts work.

£4.45 incl VAT

Mini Beasts Learning Chart

Picture of Mini Beasts Learning Chart
What's lurking at the bottom of your garden?

£3.95 incl VAT

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